Could you live in a Tiny House?

Brian Hawkins became interested in tiny homes in 2014 when his brother-in-law began building one. A filmmaker and photographer, Hawkins began his own Instagram account devoted to tiny houses—which tend to be under 400 square feet. He now has 623,000 followers. Hawkins travels the country and—when possible—the world to search out unique tiny homes. He does extensive research on the homes he features, learning about the builders, the owners, and whether the homes can be rented—some of the homes he’s featured are part of resorts where people can vacation. After seven years of sharing tiny homes with his audience, Hawkins has become selective about what he chooses to showcase. “I’ve seen a lot of tiny homes,” he says, “so if something sticks out, that’s pretty rare.”  Check him out on Instagram.  Tiny Homes @tinyhousemovement.

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